Lisa McCune laughs at her so called ‘open marriage’

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After weeks of media speculation surrounding her relationships, actress Lisa McCune has finally spoken out.lisa mccune

The 41 year old star has revealed she finds it quite hilarious when people suspect she is an ‘open marriage’.

She told the Sunday Telegraph“That gives me the giggles. I think the description is hysterical. It does make me laugh when I read that. It makes me laugh”.

Talks of McCunes’s love triangle with husband Tim Disney and ‘South Pacific’ co-star Tahu Rodes began in August, when she was spotted getting up close and personal with Rhodes in Sydney.
However just days after her public displays of affection with her co-star, Lisa was then spotted playing happy families with her husband and their three children.
Despite her actions in the public eye, the Logie winning actress is still refraining from clarifying what is actually happening with these two men, saying “I’m not making any reference to my life because nobody knows what’s going on, outside me and my family.”

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