My night at the 2011 Fun, Fearless Female Awards

Originally published on Cosmopolitan Australia Online

My week of work experience at Cosmo wasn’t exactly the typical week that many young, aspiring female journalists (like myself) get to experience.

On Wednesday night, I was privileged to attend the 2011 Cosmopolitan Fun, Fearless Female Awards which was hosted by loveable Shelley Craft at Catalina Rose Bay.  It is the magazine’s annual celebratory event of the year, exposing some of the nation’s most exceptional role models and accomplished female figures.  Whether they’re a singer, actor, blogger or sportswoman; each nominee harnesses the essences of what it means to be a fun, fearless female.197783_2269221898471_6882270_n

My personal highlight? It would definitely have to be mingling with some of the nation’s favourite media personalities and celebrities who were more than happy to give me some hilariously entertaining interviews for my celebrity blog. Of course, when you speak to 2DAY FM’s Fifi Box, there are bound to be barrels of laughter; with glamorous Charlotte Dawson you learn a fashion tip or two; and with sassy songstress Jessica Mauboy you become motivated to unleash the inner bootylicious diva within you. This is exactly why these women are fun, fearless females themselves!

Whilst this event celebrated admirable women, don’t worry – there was still plenty of male eye candy, with Stan Walker taking to the stage with three hot performances.

Ultimately, the winner of the Woman of the Year award was stellar actress Yvonne Strahovski, but the true victory of the night for us all was embracing the essence of what it means means to be a fun, fearless female. Seize every opportunity, live life with confidence, make sure your frown is upside down and then you, my friend, are fun and fearless!

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