Talk nerdy to me


I’ve mastered the Taylor Swift geek chic look, right?

In order to fund my unhealthy addiction to online shopping, I as a university student take a break from my conscientious studies (and scrolling) to earn some coin on the weekends as a retail assistant.

Working at a fashionable accessories store, one would expect to be approached by customers for style savvy suggestions and on trend fashion chatter regarding the store’s products.

In my case we’re talking bold Beyonce style bling bling and sleek city chic inspired bags and clutches.

But there is one particular product that I am consistently asked about… and that is fake hipster chick glasses.

Now I’ve been a short-sighted, full time spectacled girl since the age of twelve.  It is only this year I’ve finally ditched the rimless ovals for a Taylor Swift geek chic look and because of my desire to chat to any moving object, my manager has placed me as a “meet and greet” girl at the door.

So logically it is no surprise that customers would look at me upon arrival and think “wow, that girl is the brown Emma Stone in disguise, I want to look like her” and enquire about the store stocking fake glasses that look like my prescribed pair.

Not a problem at all… except we don’t stock them.

I usually explain to the customer that I’m actually half blind and do not wear clear glass raybans for the fun of it… which brings me to this post.

Wearing glasses which was once considered rather unfashionable, is actually a winner in the style stakes currently.

Ryan Gosling glasses

Oh Ryan Gosling.. Now that’s what I call specs appeal!
Can someone make a meme for this already?

Actors, models and media personalities are wearing glasses even when they don’t need to and one of the key factors underlying this trend is the notion that intelligence is sexy.

I know this may sound like old news,  but the idea’s societal prominence is growing.

Didn’t you get the memo?  Glasses make you look nerdy but that is pretty damn attractive.

Studies conducted by psychologist Professor Geoffrey Miller of the University of New Mexico have produced results correlating men’s higher IQ’s with sexual attraction.

The UK’s Telegraph commented on these studies saying:

“The findings could explain why some of the world’s most intelligent men have so many female admirers no matter their physical attractiveness.

They also suggest that being smart and funny might have developed as a signal to women looking for a mate with healthy genes.”

There have also been various studies conducted around the linkages between intelligence and employability and the role that physically wearing glasses plays in the recruitment process.

According to The Daily Mail, Lancaster University’s psychology professor Cary Cooper has said ‘It is not surprising that businesses want to employ intelligent staff but the idea that intelligent people wear glasses is an old stereotype that has not gone away… It is possible that some people have more self-confidence and change their behaviour when they put on glasses, which could in itself improve their chances at interview.’

If we go back to the idea of glasses luring the opposite sex (or what I like to refer to as “specs appeal”), I shall refer to a personal experience.  I recently went out for a friend’s birthday sporting a standard Saturday night ensemble – a super hot, figure hugging dress, complete with black heels and statement red lippie.

I also opted for my hipster chic glasses instead of contact lenses, a move that surprisingly sparked an immense positive reaction amongst the male company.  A couple of guys I knew turned to me and said “woah, you look hot.. you look like a sexy librarian”.

Ahh the stereotypical sexual fantasy of men, but hey it proves my point and don’t we all secretly have a crush on that cute surgeon?  I know that stethoscope just does it for me.

So I say rock those glasses.  There’s nothing more empowering for a woman and tempting for a man than some ‘specs appeal’.

Take a look at these celebs who frequently rock the geeky look with sass.  Do you do it?  Are glasses sexy?

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