Election 2013: The Morning After

Tony Abbott Prime MinisterAustralia has chosen a new leader.

Last night saw Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott defeat Labor’s Kevin Rudd, becoming the country’s 28th prime minister.

To say that the 2013 election trail has redefined political campaigning is an understatement.  In a period that faces the issues of economic recovery, asylum seekers, carbon taxes and gay marriage, the build up to the 2013 election has seen a leadership change, biased media coverage, gaffes, selfies and sex appeal thrown into the campaigning mix.

Take a look at what you need to know the morning after our new government has been elected.

Tony Abbott’s victory speech highlights: 

“The government of Australia has changed. For just – for just the seventh time in 60 years, the government of Australia has changed. The Coalition has won 13 seats clearly, with 10 seats still in play, and I can inform you that the Australian Labor Party’s vote is at the lowest level in more than 100 years.”

“The boats will be stopped.  The budget will be on track for a believable surplus. And the roads of the 21st century will finally be well under way.  And from today, I declare that Australia is under new management and that Australia is once more open for business.”

Kevin Rudd’s concession speech highlights:Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 11.46.00 AM

“I know that Labor hearts are heavy across the nation tonight and as your PM and as your parliamentary leader of the great Australian Labor Party I accept responsibility. I gave it my all but it was not enough for us to win. I’m proud that despite all the prophets of doom that we have preserved our Federal Parliamentary Labor Party as a viable fighting force for the future.”

“Friends, you have had a hard day, so let’s bring this to a close when I say throughout our history, we the Labor Party have been a party of hard heads and soft hearts. That is the genius of Labor, always attending to the tough questions of the economy and national security through war and through peace, through depression and recession, but never allowing our hearts to harden to those of our Australian family who are the most vulnerable. It is this combination which is the unique.”

Tony Abbott’s morning after ritual:

The new prime minister embarked on a bike ride 6:30am this morning, followed by an address to media outside his Sydney home.

“This is essentially a working day… I will be getting briefings from senior public servants,” said the prime minister elect.

“People expect the day after an election the incoming government will be getting down to business.”

Kevin Rudd will not recontest Labor leadership:

“I will not be reconteseting the leadership of the labor party,” said Rudd during his concession speech.

Political commentators are tipping the top three favourites take on role of new Labor leader to be:

– Anthony Albanese

– Jason Clare

– Tanya Plibersek

That sex appeal comment:

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 11.48.19 AMThings started to steam up in Australian politics after Tony Abbott’s infamous ‘sex appeal’ comment during 2013 election campaigning.

In a quote that sent shockwaves through his campaign, Mr Abbott referred to Lindsay seat member Fiona Scott as a Liberal party candidate with ‘sex appeal’.

Following the gaffe, young women’s magazine Cleo launched its own ‘Sexy Politicans’ survey, asking readers to rank pollies according to their ‘sex appeal’.

Labor’s seat member for Blaxland, Jason Clare, topped the poll as hottest politician, even being described by media commentators as the ‘Rob Lowe of politics’.

Battle of the daughters:bridget frances abbott

Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott had an abundance of moral support by their sides during the election campaign.

Rudd’s daughter Jessica and granddaughter Josie joined the then prime minister on the road, whilst two of Abbott’s daughters Bridget and Frances also made appearances throughout the campaign trail.

Jessica Rudd also enlightened female voters of the behind the scenes of politics through her columnist gig for Cleo Magazine, whilst Bridge and Frances Abbott shared their views with fashion glossy Harper’s Bazaar.

Gay marriage discussions: 

“I’m not someone who wants to see radical change based on the fashion of the moment,” said Tony Abbott in a media interview just weeks ago.

Labor’s Anthony Albanese responded to this comment, saying “To define sexual orientation as fashion of the moment will be deeply offensive to many Australians.”

Media coverage:

The last week in particular has witnessed heavy discussion around journalistic bias towards certain political parties after this newspaper cover was released.

tony abbott daily telegraph


One thought on “Election 2013: The Morning After

  1. The party is over. So now the hangover begins. Or so it will seem to a large number of people who did not want Abbott as their Prime Minister. The last few years has seen many blogs and media outlets rubbishing the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd governments, with such fowl and venomous tones unheard of in Australian politics before now. I won’t name those I blame for dragging our political scene down into the gutter, but those of you, who follow our politics and aren’t firmly rusted onto one side or the other, will know who they are.
    But now that we have a fresh government, let’s hope our politicians and media will act in the manner most Australians expect them to. Many of them need to clean up their act. We have a great country, and we don’t need regression by those selfish agenda driven ratbags.
    Those who enjoyed the party last night will probably have a hangover for different reasons. They see a great future for Australia under an Abbott led government. Here’s hoping they’re right.
    Every cloud has that silver lining, and I guess one of them has been the amount of material our political scene has provided for political cartoonists. Fantastic !! Australia has some outstanding published cartoonists and many have produced brilliant work over this period.
    My work, mostly unpublished, can be seen here by clicking on this link. http://cartoonmick.wordpress.com/editorial-political/

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