Harry Styles does yoga in Oz

harry styles

Image Source: Instagram

Originally published at: http://www.dolly.com.au/celebrity/harry-styles-does-yoga-in-oz-3098 

The 1D cutie gives bikram yoga a go.. hint: he gets hot & sweaty.

Harry Styles bending his hot bod in flexible positions… umm yes please!

The One Direction singer decided to try a new form of exercise when in Australia – a bit of bikram yoga.

We know the boys have been exercising heaps down under, with Liam and Louis soaking up the surf and sand in Manly. But Harry? He likes to sweat it out!

Bikram yoga is just like normal yoga except for the fact that room temperature is turned up the super extreme, sometimes 40 degrees!

A source spilled the deets to The Sun, “Harry couldn’t handle the heat. The class lasts 90 minutes and is pretty intense but the girls in the class were ribbing him for having to sit down during the exercises.”

“He took all the winding up in good spirits and said afterwards it was the ‘toughest session’ he’d ever experienced.”

Well all we can say is that after getting all hot and bothered, Harry now knows exactly how we feel when we see him shirtless! #Drool

Words by Alicia Vrajlal

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